Faraz Ahmad


Avid Traditional and Digital Photographer living in Dallas, Texas. If you are interested in my work and would like to purchase any prints or give me any feedback please feel free to email me.

I have been recognized in many photography events, competitions, as well as art galleries. I also received a 5 in AP Photography.

Faraz Ahmad is an acclaimed student photographer. "He is a very technical photographer," said Mr. Azevedo, A.P. Photography teacher. "He's always been extremely careful with his editing and brings textures in each photo to create beautiful images." Faraz explained that he has always enjoyed photography, and that his passion developed over the course of years. Faraz hopes to eventually become a professional photographer, taking pictures all over the globe. When discussing his work he says, "I just want to make something different. Something people haven't seen before." Although he also appreciate traditional photography, Ahmad prefers to take his snapshots with a digital camera, which is much easier to carry around in case a fantastic opportunity arises. Ahmad happily admits that his perspectives have changed greatly. "I just view the world differently now," said Faraz, "When I'm out and i see something that would make an interesting picture, I always imagine how I'd take that picture if i had my camera on me."
-P.A.W Print (Parish Arts & Writing)